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Among the ancient civilizations there are myths about dragons. The Babylonian creation myth contains a battle between Merodach and a dragon (Tiamet). The destruction of this dragon turns into the creation of the earth and the ascendancy of Merodach.


lḗ-vi ́a-than (לויתן, liwyāthān (Job 41:1-34), from  לוה, lāwāh, “to fold”; compare Arabic name of the wry neck, Iynx torq̱uilla, abū-luwā, from kindred, lawā, “to bend”):

Serpent, Crooked

krook ́ed: With reference to the constellation round the North Pole, in Job 26:13, the Revised Version “the swift serpent,” margin “fleeing”; and Isaiah 27:1, the Revised Version margin “winding.” In the first part of the latter passage, the King James Version “piercing serpent” is changed in the Revised Version to “swift serpent,” margin “gliding” or “fleeing.” See ASTRONOMY, II, 1.