Bible Articles on the Topic of Modesty

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Dress, Makeup, Jewelry

“In like manner also, (I command) that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with restraint and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array...” (1 Timothy 2:9).

Christian Grooming According to the Church Fathers

The following is a fairly comprehensive collection of quotes from the early Christian Church Fathers from 300 years of Christianity:

Face Painting: The Bible Witness

As we commence the consideration of this subject of face painting, let us reiterate the need for candor. Today the practice of face-painting, or “make-up”, (it’s more flattering name), is perhaps as accepted as wearing shoes, and the candor with which one is like to meet with in reprimanding it’s practice is perhaps equal to what one might expect for reprimanding that. But shocking ideas are sometimes true. Even often true in an apostate age such as our own. Therefore holy candor is the need.

Modesty In Clothing

Question: I read that a person should dress in a modest way according to Judaism. Why is this so important?

The School of Abraham and the School of Balaam

In Parshas Balak [Torah portion (Numbers 22:2 — Numbers 25:9)] we encounter the enigmatic case of the wicked prophet Balaam. The very idea of a wicked prophet raises obvious questions. Perhaps the most basic question is how can a person who speaks to God choose to act wickedly?The key to this puzzle is found in the mishna in Pirkei Avos (5:19 or nearby) in which the Sages teach us: כל מי שיש בידו שלשה דברים הללו מתלמידיו של אברהם אבינו, ושלשה דברים אחרים מתלמידיו של בלעם הרשע.

My Modesty Revolution

When I was a teen, long before I became religiously observant, more than anything in the world, I wanted to be thin. I had been obese since childhood, feeling like a spectator on the sidelines of life, and I would have given anything to look like the beautiful women I saw in magazines. One of my ultimate fantasies was losing all the weight and going out to buy myself a glamorous bathing suit.

Why I Choose to Dress Modestly

If one more person tells me that I need to be “liberated,” I’m going to have a fit.


Modesty, (Lat. modestia, from maodus, a measure) is sometimes used to denote humility, and sometimes to express chastity. The Greek word kosmios signifies neat, or well arranged. It suggests the idea of simple elegance. Modesty, therefore, consists in purity of sentiment and manners, inclining us to abhor the least appearance of vice and indecency, and to fear doing anything which will justly incur censure. All excess of modesty is called bashfulness or diffidence, and the want of it impertinence or impudence. There is also a false or vicious modesty, which influences a man to do anything that is ill or indiscreet; such as, through fear of offending his companions, he runs into their follies or excesses; or it is a false modesty Which restrains a man from doing what is good or laudable, such as being ashamed to speak of religion, and to be seen in the exercises of piety and devotion.