Bible Articles on the Topic of Judaists

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Help with Old Testament Allusions

...Of much greater value are the instances when the Septuagint helps appreciably with the understanding of obscure passages. “Beware of dogs, beware of the concision,” wrote Paul in curt contempt (Philippians 3:2). It was obviously a slighting reference to Judaists with their confidence in circumcision (see v. 3). But the point of it comes out so much more when the same Greek word is traced to the ordeal of Elijah on mount Carmel. Then the priests of Baal sought to commend themselves to the attention of their god by the way they “cut themselves... with knives and lancets” (1 Kings 18:28). To liken dedicated Judaists to such men was an act of temerity. Yet what fundamental difference was there? For these zealots for the Law also sought the favour of Jehovah by “cutting themselves with knives and lancets.”