Bible Articles on the Topic of Godly woman

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The Virtuous Woman

Proverbs 31 describes the character of the ideal wife or mother. So wonderful are the characteristics of this woman, that [Christian] sisters despair of ever being able to attain unto her standard, whilst brethren live in hope that they may find a wife that comes somewhere near the character described.

Idleness Leads to Divorce

The following are the kinds of work a wife must perform for her husband: grinding wheat, baking bread, washing clothes, cooking, nursing her child, making her husband’s bed, and working in wool. If she brought him one bond woman (in her dowry) she need not grind, bake, or wash. If she brought two bond women, she need not cook nor nurse her child. If three, she need not make her husband’s bed or work in wool. If four, she may lounge all day in an easy chair. Rabbi Eliezer said: Even if she brought him a hundred bond women, he may compel her to work in wool, for idleness leads to unchastity. Rabbi Simeon be Gamaliel said: if a man forbids his wife under a vow to do any work, he must divorce her and pay her the amount stipulated in the Ketubbah, for idleness leads to stupefaction.

Mothers, Daughters, and Wives in Israel

In order accurately to understand the position of woman in Israel, it is only necessary carefully to peruse the New Testament. The picture of social life there presented gives a full view of the place which she held in private and in public life. Here we do not find that separation, so common among Orientals at all times, but a woman mingles freely with others both at home and abroad. So far from suffering under social inferiority, she takes influential and often leading part in all movements, specially those of a religious character. Above all, we are wholly spared those sickening details of private and public immorality with which contemporary classical literature abounds.