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Adam’s Sentence “Dust Thou Art"

The sentence passed on Adam is in full accord with the record of his creation from the dust:

Admissions: “Immortal Soul” UnBiblical

When we turn to works of reference by the learned expositors of the immortal soul theory, we see ... most of them make no attempt to conceal the fact that scriptural teaching and popular theology are very different regarding the meaning of “soul.”

Most Frequently Quoted

As in the Old [Testament], so in the New [Testament]: there are a few passages where the use of the word “soul” could possibly be made to fit with the immortal soul idea. There are none, of course, that prove or even support this idea — that would be impossible as we can see from the basic meaning and general use of the word — but there are some where it could be read in if the rest is ignored.

Nephesh First Used of Animals, Then Men

The first four occurrences of the word “nephesh” relate exclusively to animals. That is a good fact to start with and to remember. A good foundation. Let us get them firmly in our mind:

Souls Subject to Death

What is the soul’s relation to death?

Man, His Origin and Nature

In dealing with the question of man’s redemption, we must, necessarily, consider the question of his origin and nature; and in doing this we are quite conscious of having much prejudice to contend with. There is a popular side to this question, and it has bred and fostered a sensitiveness which makes the task of reducing it to reason and subjecting it to the light of scripture quite a difficult one. He who would undertake to call in question the popular view must not hope to escape the suspicion of being a troubler, bent upon “turning the world upside down.”

Nephesh Soul

Destroy the soul