Bible Articles on the Topic of Deities

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In the Old Testament the Heb. word is used to denote both the name of the Canaanite goddess, well-known from the Ugaritic texts, and also a wooden cult-object that was her symbol.

Dr. Carl Mosser on Deification in the Bible

Does the Bible ever speak of redeemed humans as “gods”? Many Jews and Christians have thought so.In this episode Dr. Carl Mosser takes us on a journey through this theme in the Bible, including Psalm 82, the New Testament epistles, and the book of Genesis.

Dr. Carl Mosser on the Meaning of "Theos"

In this episode, Dr. Carl Mosser (Associate Professor at Eastern University, and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame) provides background on the Greek word “theos,” commonly translated as “God.” Dr. Mosser explains how the word had its birth as an adjective, and that our modern-day, Western, monotheistic understanding of this word needs to be adjusted.